나는 영원을 원한다!

24 + they/he

hedonism / independence

death + emperor


before you follow:

🔞💌 my twitter is 18+ only! 💌🔞
십팔+ 오직! 일에 안전하지 않습니다.

i make a lot of nsfw jokes
minors who try to follow will be blocked!
i try to tag things properly.

about me:

i like videogames and cartoons. im workin on a list of the favs

im usually around even if i aint on twitter. feel free to msg me anytime

i write for fun. consider checking out my ko-fi and my blog to support me!

contact information:

telegram: @emperortime

twitter: @logoseater

instagram: @logoseater

steam: @monkey

thanks for reading!
내 프로필을 읽어 주셔서 고마워요!